The Micro-Revolution in Battery Back-Up

In 2003, I started my career in Solar Energy. To me it was the synergy between man, machine and the energy of nature; to live peacefully without destroying or taking away while maintaining all the comfort and convenience of modern conveniences in our lives. I started out with my boots on the roofas a temporary low wage worker.


Going to school at night I learned my trade and got my degree in electric engineering. But I never forget the guys in the field working hard and how important it is to respect them and to respect the customer even if it costs a little more. Quality and

safety is always the #1 priority.


Because electricity is in high demand, realistically we need to triple grid capacity over the next 30 years by both energy efficiency and generation or face grid instability. We are failing to do so, therefore inevitably the grid will become unstable.


Systems selling power to Utilities without energy storage can not operate in blackouts and the utility grid is becoming more volatile


The cost to upgrade these systems is very high because with current technology, it's necessary to take out and destroy existing components such as inverters and wiring to accomplish the modification.


Current technology does not exist that can effectively provide a perfect universal upgrade of low cost energy storage to these existing "grid tie" (power plants that sell to utility) systems without enormous expense.




Additionally no one has ever made a micro 230W solar battery backup system that was also a grid tie.


The Gridlink patent # 8,269,374 does just that!


Thanks to our new technolgy we can upgrade virtually any grid tie system to battery backup for as little as $2000 in material costs- thousands, even tens of thousands less than our competitors.


And unlike the typical manufacturers we engineer each system custom to the clients needs and work with the installers and electricians, and we don't outsource the service to foreign countries.


With years of experience in residential, and comercial engineering and installation we know the importance of listening to a client, keeping cost down and providing exceptional service. Our technology emerged from the remnants of overpriced poorly engineered electronics. The fact that most solar power systems don't run off grid is testimate to poor design and poor support. Homeowners don't want the cluttler, and expense, and electricians, installers don't want hassle of poor customer support.


We knew we could do better, and so we patented it.


What is more important is we want to make jobs and good well paying domestic jobs. While we may not be able to save the economy, we want to do our part. While we may just be a small business, making our UL listed electronics in a garage without huge personal and government resources, we would not have it any other way because we never have to sacrifice quality.